The ABCs of Attraction Marketing Online

One thing you cannot deny when it comes to building a successful Network Marketing business online is this….

Out of all the successful people doing it, 99% are doing so by utilizing a concept called “Attraction Marketing”.

If you have never heard this term before or you're not sure what it is, then I encourage you to download a copy of my free report, The MLM Rescue Guide“, in there not only will you learn what “Attraction Marketing” is, but you'll also learn how to apply it to your Network Marketing business….

It's a strategy that when done correctly, has the ability to turn you into “The hunted, instead of the hunter”. And when that happens, it becomes much easier, to start creating free leads and sponsoring more reps into your business…. On a daily basis!

One thing I will tell you, is that attraction marketing is not this.

This image is a screenshot I took from a post someone made on Facebook.

The only people that respond to these types of things, are those that are desperate and are looking to get something for nothing or those who simply don't know any better!

And those that post this type of stuff, has never taken the time to educated themselves, on what “Proper” marketing is.

Don't fall for this type of nonsense and please don't be one of those promoting their business or product in this manner.

If you want to guarantee that you fail in this industry, trying to build your business using this type of method, is a sure way to do it!

So now that you know what NOT to do, I want to share with you something I came across called

“Learn Your ABCs”

The following comes an article, written by Kim Harris of the Huffington Post. I came across her article the other day and I wanted to share with you part of what she wrote….

If you tie what she calls ‘The ABCs of Attraction Marketing” in with what I share in “The MLM Rescue Guide”, then I think you'll find your failing MLM business, doing a complete 180!

A = Aligning your message with your audience in an authentic way. When you know what you know, you know how to convey it. When you are trying to sell something, it comes across as fake. Keep it real — the only way you can do this and have it successfully persuade your audience, is to be authentic and endorse only what you, yourself have experienced. People are smart and they can spot a con within seconds.Don't underestimate your target audience.

B = Believe in your products or services, and your ability to assist your target customer with any grievance. It is important to be accessible to your customer and ensure them that what you are offering is of quality. But remember, when your customer feels you are a person of quality, they won't have any problem believing that you represent is a quality product.

C = Communicating and connecting in a consistent manner. Your audience wants to hear from you in a personable, direct way. Consistency implies a regular basis, but the key is setting the schedule in a way that your audience expects to hear from you. Make each piece of communication connect with your audience instead of a “sales pitch” to buy your product.

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One of the biggest things that help me get over my fear and really kicked things into gear for me, was learning the concept of “Attraction Marketing”
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