Crossing The Bridge: Turning MLM Leads Into New Reps

The internet is a great way to build a Network Marketing business…. That's a fact!

The problem is, the vast majority of network marketers, don't know how to do it.

Does the following sound familiar….

You're in XYZ MLM Company and you've had, very little success recruiting friends and family. As a matter of fact, most have unfriended you on Facebook and have stop talking to you!

So now that you've run through your “Warm Market”, you turn to the internet and you're going to make a killing in your first week….

You're all excited because in your mind, you now have an opportunity to promote your business, literally to MILLIONS of people all over the world.

And because XYZ makes the best juice on the planet, those millions of people will be lining up to join your business.

So you jump in head first and get started building your “Network” marketing business online:

  1. You build or find a lead capture page to start promoting and building an email list (hopefully you're not using your company's branded page)
  2. Leads are coming in and your auto-responder, is sending out follow up emails to your new leads.

But now you have all these leads, but no one is joining your business!

Do you know why?

If you look up a couple of lines, you'll see where I bold the word, Network.

The reason why I wanted that word to stand out, is because that's one of the most important areas, that struggling marketers fail at when they start online.

It's Still NETWORK Marketing

That's right, you still have to communicate and NETWORK with people! After all this is a people business.

When you got started online, you heard and read about, how people are generating all of these leads and sponsoring new people everyday.

Trust me when I tell you, the people that are doing this, they're not doing it on 100% auto-pilot.

They are BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS and earning their leads trust by providing value to their leads…. (You can read this post to learn how to give more value The ABC's of Attraction Marketing)

Then and only then, are those leads joining their MLM business.

Don't think the way I did and so many others do, that you can just automated everything and grow your business….

If you're an affiliate marketer, simply promoting other people's products and earning a percentage, then yes you can do that.

But as a “Internet Network Marketer”, you can't afford to do so!

So how do you start the process of turning leads into new Reps?

Getting Your MLM Leads Across The Bridge

Getting leads is a must, no doubt about it!

But just having leads doesn't make you money. At some point you have to get them to join your business or purchase from you if they decide not to join.

The following is the method I learned a while ago. I use it everyday and it works pretty well. This is what I call “Crossing the Bridge”.

There are 6 step in the process, which include:

  1. Create – Valuable Content
  2. Capture – The Leads Info (Click here for to see the best tool I've found for doing this)
  3. Connect – On Social Media
  4. Comment & Engage
  5. Communicate – With a Propose (I have 6 questions that I use for this step, that work like a charm)
  6. Close – Consultative Close

Once you learn this process, it can be quite amazing. If you want to know the details of “Crossing the Bridge”, come be one of the first members of my brand new, private Facebook group  (The MLM Group), where I will be teaching this for free.

I must add. This is not something that happens over night, when you're dealing with leads.

Some will see value in the content you create and join you right away, but don't count on it.

Others will go through the entire 6 steps and be ready to go. It all depends on you building that trust and the relationship. And if you follow what I teach, the trust will be there.

Please share this post, if you found value in it. Also leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you!

Talk soon,

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