Are Your Marketing Methods Intrusive?

The other day I was out working in the yard with my mom, when this gentleman approached me and asked if I was interested in buying some magazines.

At that particular moment, I was not. I was busy doing something and enjoying the time I was spending with my mother.

I explained to the gentlemen that I was not interested, but he continued, attempting to push something on me that I didn’t want at that moment…

Sound familiar?

He finally got the message after I became more firm in getting my point across, that I wasn’t interested in what he was selling.

Later that evening I was thinking about the incident and why he missed out on making a sale.

I came to the conclusion that he approached me at a time when my mindset was not on buying.

Think about this:

  • He interrupted what I was doing
  • He never attempted to form any kind of bond
  • He lost the opportunity to build any trust after continuing to hard sell

Not exactly the things you want if you’re trying to sell something.

What Is The Mindset Of Your Prospects?

You may be asking, “How would I know?”

Let’s take a look at a few, of the various marketing strategies that are being used online, and see if we can get an idea.

Banner Ads – I think it’s safe to say that most people are not in a buying mood, when they come across a banner ad. I think the low conversation rates will support this.

Pop Ups – Again, prospects are generally not in a buying mood. And I think its would be a safe bet to say, that most are just flar out annoyed with pop ups. But! It doesn’t mean they won’t take action and do something like opt-in to receive something free if the offer is enticing enough.

Classified Ads – Here your prospects are actively looking and more often than not, will buy when they find what they want.

Pay Per Click – Your prospects are definitely looking to take action. They have entered a specific topic or item in a search engine and they will buy or take some other action, if you entice them enough.

Now there are plenty of other strategies being used, but I want you to understand where your prospect's mindset more than like is, when you interrupt what they’re doing in order to sell something to them…

Versus them actively looking for what they want.

The Ultimate Strategy To Get Them In A Buying Mindset

Actively looking means, your prospect usually has a problem and they're seeking for information to help solve their problem…. When prospects are doing this, you want their first choice to be you!

How you do this is by using what I call “The Ultimate Marketing Strategy” ….


It’s the ultimate, because it does everything that magazine salesman didn’t do:

  • Causes others to seek you out
  • Builds trust
  • Its Non-Intrusive
  • Its not annoying
  • Allows you to build an audience

See the difference?

So the next time you decided to jump on Facebook and promote your business opportunity or place a banner ad up somewhere…

Think about the mindset your potential prospects are in and rather or not your marketing method will be intrusive or annoying to them.

Or is it something that will make them want to seek you out the next time they have a problem.

Much Success,