Hey there it's me Anthony McNeil!

First let me tell you that I'm a devoted husband of 24 years to the same beautiful woman, a father of two awesome daughters (18 & 22), a retired Police Officer (served 21 years), an entrepreneur and a huge golf addict….LOL!

What I'm not, is a “Guru” and have no interest in becoming one. Not that I have anything against those that hold that title, but I'm no different than you….. I've just been doing this longer. I've been marketing online since the internet boom back in 1999.

Like you're doing now, I STRUGGLED for years and lost a lot of money (A LOT OF MONEY!!!) trying to figure this industry out. It drove my wife crazy…. All the hours in front of the computer and not a damn thing to show for it.

The truth is, she knew we didn't have the money to throw away on a “Hobby”, which is basically what my so called business was at the time.

I literally have thousand of dollars worth of eBooks and other training products sitting on my hard drive, that I purchased but never implemented….. Sound familiar?

My problem was I felt like everything had to be perfectly done before I could start….

The reality, I suffered from “INFORMATION OVERLOAD! And as a result never got started.

Then around 2008, yeah almost 10 years later, things started to click. The biggest change…. I finally started TAKING ACTION!

I'm not going to tell you that I've made millions of dollars online or show you screen shots of my PayPal & ClickBank accounts, because it means nothing and quite frankly, most people don't believe those screen shots are real anyway!

But I can tell you that my family and I live a comfortable live, because of our business. Here's a few photos of us on vacation in St. Maarten, Disney World and some other places:

I mentioned earlier that I'm not a “Guru” and don't care to be. But what I do care about is helping folks like you. I want to help you get on track and finally start building the business you envisioned…

So that your spouse doesn't have to go crazy like mine did LOL!

Seriously! I know you that you may have the pieces, but you just need someone to show you how to put those pieces together. I can do that! Again, you're going to be in business for yourself but not by yourself….

And there's nothing like having someone, who has done what you're trying to do, to guide you and bounce things off of!

Much Success,